What's Name Weasel? A great way to help you brainstorm a name for your product, service or company.

More specifically, Name Weasel is big data. Stored in a multiple datacenter Cassandra cluster, we cull hundreds of thousands of words and create unique associations. While Name Weasel is built for humans to enjoy, it also creates an interesting test case for large amounts of traffic on uncached dynamic data, handling hundreds of thousands of requests per second with zero down time and no single point of failure.

Do you have demanding traffic to your site, or need to handle large amounts of data requiring real-time access? Interested in licensing our name generation technology? Contact us.

So how did we end up calling it Name Weasel? One day we needed to come up with a word for a project, and after searching online to no avail, an image of a weasel appeared in the results. Then it dawned on us: Why not make a search engine for word combos and domains powered by weasels? Tenacious little critters that ferret out awesome things.